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MSc Advanced Practice

About Me

I am a fully qualified Registered and experienced Nurse Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) MSc Advanced Practice Independent Nurse Prescriber Over 15 years experience

I started my nursing career after graduating from Manchester University in June 2000. I worked as a Community Nurse based at a busy General Practitioners surgery before moving on to manage a large community out of hours service.

In my own time I have further developed my education by gaining my qualification as an Independent Nurse Prescriber in 2004 and completing a Masters in Advanced Practice in 2016.

I went on to develop an interest in Aesthetics and gained further specialist qualifications to enable me to perform wrinkle relaxing injections and dermal fillers. I am a fully qualified Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner.

Here at SC Aesthetics, patient safety and welfare is at the core of my practice. I understand that each client and their wishes are unique. My focus is to spend time to fully understand the look my clients wish to achieve and their expectations of treatments to enable me to produce outstanding results.


Anti Wrinkle Injections - Dermal Fillers


Please browse my before and after pictures. The results are amazing and completely fulfilled clients expectations. Any questions then don't hesitate to contact me directly.



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Anti Wrinkle injections

1) What are ‘anti wrinkle’ injections?
They are commonly referred to as Botox which is short for Botulinum toxin. This is a naturally occurring protein that caused muscles to relax which consequently smooths out wrinkles. It is the UK’s most popular cosmetic treatment for wrinkles and fine lines.
2) How quickly will my results be seen?
The effects will start to be noticed 1-2 weeks after your initial treatment. A follow up visit is recommended after 2 weeks so that your results can be discussed and a complimentary top up can be administered if required.
3) How long will results last?
The injections will reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles at rest. Results will be visible for 3-4 months after the treatment. With regular treatments, clients find that they can go longer in between appointments and will attend 6 monthly.
4) Will the treatment be painful?
No- the needles used to administer the medication are small. Most clients report nothing more than a scratch sensation.
5) Will all lines and wrinkles go after the first treatment?
This all depends on the condition of your skin initially. Age, skin type, health and lifestyle will all contribute to the condition of your skin. Whilst it may not be possible to clear all lines and wrinkles for some clients, the aim is to produce a natural look and expectations of treatment will be discussed at your initial consultation.
6) Can I have my treatment at my first consultation?
All Botulinum toxins are prescription only medication. This means that an initial consultation is required so that your expectations can be discussed and the correct treatment selected. The medication will be prescribed in clinic and once this has been delivered, your treatment can be planned. Please note that this is only the case for your initial treatment.
7) Why do prices for this treatment vary so much?
This is a commonly asked question. There are varied prices that aesthetic practitioners will charge for anti wrinkle injections. There are many products available for practitioners to use and prices of these vary significantly. Experience tells us what products last longer than others. Therefore while the treatment may be offered at a low cost, the product used may not last and therefore more frequent treatments will be required. This is something that can be discussed in further detail during your initial consultation.

Dermal Fillers

1) How do fillers work?
Dermal fillers work by replacing lost volume in the skin to fill out lines and create shape. There are a wide range of dermal fillers available and the product used for the treatment will depend on the individuals clients needs.
2) How quickly will my results be seen?
Results can be seen immediately following treatment. There will be some redness and swelling to the area which will subside after a few hours. Some clients will bruise and swelling may remain for longer. The true effect of the filler can be seen once any localised bruising or swelling has subsided. We recommend giving a 2 week period following dermal fillers to be able to assess the results properly.
3) How long will results last?
This again depends on the client and the product selected. Dermal fillers can last between 4 months to a year.
4) Do the injections hurt?
Most product have anaesthetic in them although we also use topical anaesthetic to ensure minimal pain during treatment.
5) Can I have my treatment on the day of consultation?
Yes- dermal fillers are not prescription only medication and therefore once you have been assessed and discussed your expectations with us, we can proceed with the injection.